Noble Pursuits
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              ❝ Brady, I don’t have
                   an ounce of artistic
                   talent in me. I warn
                   you, this will end badly

" Then hop to it, y’won’t get any better if you skimp out on it … just, look .. "

                 His hand lifts up to straighten her back, poise worthy of playing a violin. Another hand
                 grasps her wrist lightly to put her arms in position to hold it steadily. " … this all you
                 got? Use some tact why don’tcha … what’re you readin’ all those books for if they
                 ain’t doin’ ya any good … next time, grab a book on how to play a violin. “

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iffff … you wanna rp with me, you guys can make a starter. i haven’t been on tumblr in like .. a month. much less this blog. so i don’t know who’s cool n who’s like … not posting anymore. or .. what … s - sorry for the inconvenience. i’m still trying to get my shit together to stay on tumblr for a little while.

but anyone’s open to rp with me, i really don’t care who posts something whether it’s an open or if it’s just for me. or if you want to link me to an open you want a reply for, i can also do that. 

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"Alright Brady, if you wouldn’t take the slightest interest in my hobbies of legends… Maybe I should I try learning from your sophisticated arts? I’m sure the Great Myrmidon of Listening could use a thing or two from your noblest of interests!" Owain’s just taking a break for the day without anything to do.

" I think you’re better off namin’ junk than playin’ tunes. N’ it’s a lot of studyin’ at first. " In other words, no. He’s not teaching Owain how to play violin in fear of what he’ll name it. Not only that, he doesn’t even look musically inclined to begin with — not that he can say much himself. " I can teach you how to make some real sweets … not like any’a those other cupcakes callin’ themselves a patissier … runnin’ jank bakeries .. tch. “

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thescionoflegend whispered:
Brady! Do you wanna name some weapons? Or maybe peel taters? [ ... Sup B) ]


" I don’t care about yer stupid hobbies, alright? Just’ cause you can use a weapon ain’t mean I’ve got the swing of an ox or nuthin’ … so I don’t have a weapon to name. “ Assuming he’s even got the grip to keep his weapon from flying out of his hand in the first place —

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          ❇║"Ow, ow — darn it. Okay… careful…" Tania carefully uses the steep incline of dirt slope that was supposed to be a hill as support to help herself stand up. That, and a nearby low hanging branch just in reach. Already scraped and bruised (and hiding a bleeding wound at her back left side), Tania’s quite certain she’s twisted her ankle on the way down. How terrible cliche of her.

She had been scouting the nearby area for any safe paths they could take to lessen the time of their journey to get to town, seeing as they’d taken some damage in their last fight. It wasn’t food supplies running low this time, but healing supplies, and that had Tania rather worried. She’d gone in search of a quick route while the rest recovered and searched for what they could find in the remains of the battlefield. Tania was unsure if anyone had seen what way she’d gone off before finding herself on a path where her footing was lost as the ground beneath her came loose. And thus she fell into the bit of trouble she was in now.

The chances were slim to none, considering how far she’d wandered off, but perhaps the gods were on her side today. Cupping her hands around her mouth, the tactician drew a deep breath before calling out; “Hello?! Can anyone hear me? I’m down here!”

      The leader sent him on a journey to find the tactician, and so he roams the mountains in search of her. He doesn’t have any clue as to where she is and he has no protection whatsoever. Just a staff and no armor, a really bad throw .. and a short temper to boot. " … guh … this’s so annoying … " Brady mumbles to himself, using the staff as a waling stick for the time being — until he hears yelling in the distance. It’s coming from far ahead, and he takes him time to pad over to the edge of the mountain’s pass to find the tactician below.

He doesn’t say anything, and for the moment he stares and wonders how she got down there in the first place. The left has no one around, turning his head to the right and also no one in the distance. He doesn’t have rope or anything to heave her from the cliff side but his staff. She’s just enough in reach for him to give her one of the ends of the staff to hold onto, but does he want to take that chance?

The answer is yes. Yes he does.

" … just stay right there, I’m gonna pull ya up. " Stepping back from the very edge, he squats to make sure she has enough reach to grab the ball-end of the staff while he gets the dull rod end. " Don’t pull me down with ya, jus’ walk on the wall, alright? If you make me fall, I’m gonna throw you down the rest of the mountain, capisce? " Wriggling the rod in front of her, he waits. " … … dammit, I knew I should’ve brought some rope … ", he sniffs a bit at the outcome of this horrible idea …

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Otp challenge: Day 6. Wearing eachothers’ clothes

And then it was Game Over after 3 turns. Not the best tactics….


Otp challenge: Day 6. Wearing eachothers’ clothes

And then it was Game Over after 3 turns.
Not the best tactics….

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           moment, if not less, I assure you.

  Certainly not the sort of response he had wished
  for; though, taking into consideration the nature of
  the male at-hand, he most likely should not have
  expected much else. They were hardly on a first-
  name basis, if Virion were to be completely hon-
  est. The extent of their interactions were nods of
  acknowledgement (if that) on the camp grounds,
  and fighting alongside one another on the field of
  battle, when it was called for. Nose wrinkling sli-
  ghtly at the tone that the younger male takes with
  him, the archer attempts the lean off to the side,
  so as to catch even a glimpse of what the priest
  currently has in his grasp. To no avail, mind.

           ʏᴏᴜʀ presence has been requested; ɪ'ᴍ
             sure you don’t need to ask by whom.

  His mother, Maribelle; doubtless she had something
  in mind for him, if she sought him so fervently. Per-
  haps he had skipped out on a tea date, or some-
  thing to that effect? Ah, well. It was not quite his
  place to question.

           ɪ thought I might forewarn you before she
             laid eyes on you first: ʜᴀᴛᴇᴠᴇʀ it is you’ve
             done, or failed to do, it has your poor mother
             in a terrible frenzy. 

  And he had caught her in the midst of it. With his
  message now spoken, the noble found himself un-
  able to keep from quelling his curiosity:

          ʜᴀᴛ’ᴠᴇ you got there?

" Yeah? Well moment’s passed, ruffles, " he interjects quickly, coddling the thing in his hands. It’s making noises, though they’re muted by his own hands covering the noise by cupping them over the face of the animal. Brady takes note of the archer’s curiosity though he doesn’t give it much thought seeing as he doesn’t seem to interested in hiding the creature in his hands. However, it’s hidden pretty well considering he’s got his back to the man behind him. After a moment of silence, he stands up and turns around to face down towards his chest where the creature sits.

He turns around halfway to face him somewhat after his movement to stand. “ … don’t need to ask — … oh, must be ma, right? Yeah, yeah … I hurt myself earlier and she just lost her damn marbles. S’all it is. I fixed it, though. ” He lifts an arm to show him the bandages before fully turning around to show him a kitten in his hands. However, there’s something strangely wrong with it. " .. just a cat. I found it in the way back here’n .. well .. it was layin’ there by itself so I thought I’d pick it up … but, uh … " He hands it to Virion to show him the curved spine. " .. I don’t wanna kill it. "

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  { ♫ } ➤ — ❝I have been practicing my swordsman ship, actually! Maybe… we could spar together sometime? If it would not be too much of a bother for you.❞ Truly she wanted to know the people her son called his friends a bit more and this seemed like an opportune moment to begin.

Brady nods, though not too enthusiastically. It’s been known to some of the second generation he’s tried to equip an item only for it to fly out of his hands the moment he brings down .. an axe. Or he breaks bow strings too often to be an archer. He uses swords as javelins accidentally. With all that asted effort, he’s yet to even touch a lance. " … I guess. But you’re better off askin’ other people for some help. You might lose yer head. "

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     There was a long silence from the ivory witch, her roseate eye transfixed on her company intensely, till finally she found enough nerve to quip—

                 ”What the fuck is on your face?” 

" Muh? "

He turns around, the white blinding his view before closing his eyes with a short sigh. He doesn’t respond, but it’s clear he’s thinking about what to say considering nothing is really on his face with one exception —

" What, you never seen a scar before? " 

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Thank god I already drew Sumia. This took almost no time at all


Thank god I already drew Sumia. This took almost no time at all

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